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Tenga Eggs Variety 6-Pack

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Crack open a revolutionary TENGA Egg to take out the soft jelly masturbation sleeve. Lube up, slide it on, and enjoy the sensations from the super-tactile sleeve.

The TENGA Eggs Variety 6-Pack contains six original style eggs each with different texture:
- Spider - with a detailed web structure of grid-like edges that run in all directions.
- Clicker - with various size nubs covering the interior wall. Try twisting, squeezing and pulling for a different sensation.
- Wavy - with multiple layers of wavy ribs.
- Stepper - with bi-directional (upwards & downwards) wedges.
- Twister - with corkscrew effect swirling patterns. Try twisting for added stimulation.
- Silky - with randomly intertwined delicate ribs.

Insertion length - stretches to approx. 19cm.
Insertion width - stretches to approx. 5.5cm.
Each egg includes a small sachet of TENGA brand lubricant.

The TENGA eggs should only be used once.
Značka Tenga 
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materiál tpe 
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