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Vaginální kuličky - Dream Toys

Set Love Balls Pleasure Ball + Duo Balls

549 Kč
Set Love Balls Pleasure Ball + Duo Balls
549 Kč
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This silicone Love Balls set is composed of a single vaginal ball and a duo balls, all three with a moving ball inside. With their diameter of 3.3 cm and their weight of 75 grams, they feel comfortable. Train your pelvic floor muscles with this Duo Ball set, because you know: the stronger your intimate muscles, the more pleasure you and your partner have during lovemaking. You have the choice to bring in one ball, two or all three balls. Brand: Dream Toys.
For the beginner: 1 ball
For the enthusiast: 2 balls
For the experienced one: 3 balls
For stronger intimate muscles
For more control over the blatter and the orgasm
Materiál 100% silikon 
materiál silikon 
Ideální pro vagina 
průměr 3.3 cm
Číslo produktu 540283200 
EAN kód 8719632671664