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Elektrostimulace - Electro Play

E-stim. Power Box Set

2 699 Kč
E-stim. Power Box Set
2 699 Kč
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This strong Power Box offers an illuminated display, 2 channels to connect accessories and requires 3 AAA batteries. You can adjust the 7 different programmes and 16 intensities with easy to use and reach push-buttons. This Power Box provides an excellent base to enjoy the pleasures of electro stimulation. Brand: Electro Play.
The Power Box comes with the following accessories included: 1 power adapter, 3 AAA batteries, 2 gel pads, 2 cables
You can connect any toy from Electro Play’s assortment to this Power Box
What is electro stimulation?
E-stimulation is all about creating muscle contractions by means of electrical shocks. The power surge stimulates a nerve and causes one or more adjacent muscles to contract. The stronger the impulse, the more powerful the muscle contraction.
Materiál 100% ABS 
elektrostimulace ano 
usb napájení ne 
Číslo produktu 898281100 
EAN kód 8718924231678