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Dong King-Sized Realistic Magic Hand

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With the King-Sized Realistic Magic Hand you can experiment with fisting and stretching. This copy of a folded hand and forearm is made of body-safe and phthalate-free PVC and the position of the fingers facilitates penetration evenly stretching of the rectum. The Magic Hand is also suitable for the experimented enthusiast: with its length of 36 cm and its diameter of 8 cm this is a sex toy that is sure to satisfy all your needs. Brand: Lovetoy.
Copy of a folded hand and forearm
Compellingly strong and pliantly soft
Materiál 100% PVC. 
materiál pvc 
pro část těla anus vagina 
průměr 8.0 cm
Číslo produktu 477808700 
EAN kód 6970260904896