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Vibrátor s tlakovými vlnami - Womanizer

Clitoris Stimulator Premium

4 999 Kč
Clitoris Stimulator Premium
4 999 Kč
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The combination of an elegant design and the high-quality Pleasure Air Technology makes every Womanizer a great success. The pulsating pressure waves stimulate the clitoris without making contact and the intensity is adjustable in 12 positions. The clitoral stimulator Premium (15.5 cm x 3.5 cm) is also waterproof and due to its Smart Silence function it only starts to suck when the sensor detects skin. So safe and discreet. His autopilot can be set in 3 modes: slow, medium and intense. In each level he goes through the different rhythms and this makes him the perfect Cruise Control for your love ride. Brand: Womanizer.
Clitoral, contactless stimulation
Sucks in 12 positions: <40 dB
Patented Pleasure Air-technology
Autopilot with 3 intensities
Smart Silence-function: sensor reacts to body contact
With 2 top-pieces: 1x1 cm + 1x1.4 cm
Materiál 100% silikon 
materiál silikon 
Ideální pro klitoris 
hlasitosti 39.0 dB
stimulační vzorec sání 
odolnost vůči vodě vodeodolný 
minimální průměr 1.1 cm
maximální průměr 1.4 cm
průměr 3.5 cm
usb napájení ano 
Napajení usb 
Dobíjecí Ano 
Číslo produktu 477420200 
EAN kód 4251460609036