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Anal Douche with 5 Spheres

599 Kč
Anal Douche with 5 Spheres
599 Kč
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Practical 2-in-1 silicone anal douche from Latex Play. Fill the bag with lukewarm water, attach the tip, add plenty of lube and squeeze gently to flush your butt. The nozzle can also be attached to shower hose.

Douching tips:
- Use lukewarm water, the inside of your butt is very sensitive and temperature is key to safe douching.
- Lube is your friend, make sure you use plenty to avoid scratches or tearing and potential infections.
- Use saline solution instead of tab water whenever possible.
- Don't go too far up and don't squeeze to hard to avoid post-cleansing cramps.
- You will want to be close to the toilette when doing this.
- If you are cleansing in prep for anal sex, douche at least an hour before (more if you can) to let most of the water to exit.
- Don't douche to often. The inside of your butt is carefully balanced and it's best to keep it healthy.
- And remember, shit happens, it's unavoidable part of life and anals.
Materiál 100% silikon 
povrchová struktura uzliny 
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Číslo produktu 898560200 
EAN kód 8718924235423