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Essential Sex Toys - The Basics

Anal Cord Bead

449 Kč
Anal Cord Bead
449 Kč
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The Basics’ anal cord is made of three conical shapes plus a short stem and a large ring as a grip. Suitable for the novice and experienced enthusiast of anal penetration. Depending on the mood and experience, the anal cord is to be partially or completely inserted.

- 100% silicone
- Forcing hard on the inside, comfortably soft on the outside
- 3 conical shapes with different diameters
- With large ring as a secure grip
- Insertable length: 12 cm - Ø 1.8 cm / 2.4 cm / 2.1 cm
Materiál 100% silikon 
povrchová struktura uzliny 
materiál silikon 
Ideální pro anus 
maximální průměr 2.4 cm
minimální průměr 1.8 cm
Číslo produktu 478080200 
EAN kód 8718172990976